This page is in dryrun mode and is being tested; this person is not dead.


I have been alive for years.
I am on my consecutive day of not dying (great track record!).

What is this?

This page contains my digital wills. These files are available now but won't be accessible until this page has registered me as dead and the keys have been published (and you might need some help from a geek to unlock them). See Technical Information for more details.


Private Will

The private will contains information relevant to only a few people -- last will and testament, passwords, private data, business information, etc. They've been notified of the key ahead of time.

Download Private Will (cryptographic signature)

Public Will & Last Messages

The public "will" is of more general interest. This contains my thoughts and musings for my friends, some of my favorite music I'd like to share, and generally things I'd like to open to the public upon my passing.

Download Public Will (cryptographic signature)

Living Will

My healthcare directive/living will is a cryptographically signed document that indicates my desired level and type health care to be provided in the case of my incapacitaion. The digital signature (verifiable with the keys provide below) proves my identity as the author; any modification to the document without a renewed signature will render it invalid and signature verification will fail.

Download Living Will

Technical Information

These files are encrypted using AES256 and a passphrase via GPG (check out Gpg4win for windows, GPG Suite for Macs, and your local package manager for Linux). If, once installed, you run gpg --version on the command and see anything mentioning "GnuPG" and showing license info, you've done it right.

Import my public key: gpg --keyserver --recv-key 9DEB5F21 Move into the directory where the files (2x .tar.gz.gpg.asc, 2x .tar.gz.gpg and the .txt) were saved and verify that the signature is valid using my public PGP keys:gpg --verify public.tar.gz.gpg.asc public.tar.gz.gpg
gpg --verify private.tar.gz.gpg.asc private.tar.gz.gpg
gpg --verify livingwill.txt
This signature also serves as the immutable indication that the wills have been updated and encrypted by myself (the will and testament inside the archive is also textually signed).

Decrypt the files: gpg --output public.tar.gz --decrypt public.tar.gz.gpg
gpg --output private.tar.gz --decrypt private.tar.gz.gpg
and inputting the passphrase on any machine with GPG installed. Enter the key displayed above, and you will be able to then extract the resulting .tar.gz file (download 7-Zip for windows or google for the tar syntax on Mac or *nix).